What is cranioplasty?

Cranioplasty in Palm Beach involves the reconstruction or reshaping of the bones in the skull to correct deformities or defects. This procedure serves to correct appearance-related differences as well as to protect the brain and restore normal cerebral function.

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When is cranioplasty necessary?

  • Post-traumatic skull deformities: Following accidents or injuries leading to skull fractures.
  • Post-surgical reconstruction: After neurosurgical procedures like tumor removals or decompression procedures that require skull opening.
  • Congenital skull abnormalities: In cases of birth defects affecting skull shape and size.
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Surgical techniques

  • Autologous bone grafts: Using the patient’s own bone, typically harvested from another area of the skull, which will naturally integrate into the skull structure.
  • Alloplastic materials: Utilizing biocompatible synthetic materials when autologous bone is not suitable or available. In cases of complex or significant defects, custom-made implants are designed to restore the most natural appearance.

A Reconstructive Expert

Dr. Davidson discusses his dedication to reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive Services at Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Institute

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Innovations in advanced cranioplasty surgery

Advancements in medical technology, including 3D printing and computer-aided design as well as regenerative strategies, play a crucial role in planning and executing cranioplasty procedures, ensuring a high degree of precision and optimal outcomes. Dr Davidson has been at the forefront of research in the development of these techniques.

Candidates for cranioplasty

Candidates are individuals who have experienced skull trauma, undergone neurosurgical procedures or have congenital skull deformities. A comprehensive evaluation by our team determines the best course of action and the most appropriate surgical technique.

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What is the recovery like after cranioplasty?

Recovery from cranioplasty varies depending on the complexity of the surgery and each individual patient’s needs. Cranioplasty surgery is performed under general anesthetic with patients staying in the hospital.

The initial recovery phase will be in the hospital, under the care of caring medical professionals. Patients can expect a recovery period spanning several weeks. Discomfort can be managed with prescribed pain medications.

Dr. Davidson and his team provide detailed aftercare instructions and are committed to supporting you throughout the recovery process with regular follow-up visits to assess the surgical site and overall recovery.

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Safety and surgical excellence at Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Institute

Safety is paramount at Palm Beach Plastic Surgery Institute. Our hospital-based setting, equipped with the latest medical technology and staffed by experienced professionals, ensures the highest standard of care.

Dr. Davidson’s expertise in craniofacial surgery, combined with our expert neurosurgeons, ensures the highest standard of surgical outcomes. If you or a loved one requires cranioplasty, contact us to learn more about our approach and how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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